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Living In The Past?

We aren’t embarrassed by the fact that we love old bikes and old cycling gear. Some call us Luddites. Others accuse of us of living in the past. We’re okay with those critiques because we know our love of cycling’s past glories is not about shunning modern technology. Instead, it’s about the joy we get from riding bikes in gear from a simpler time.

Not everything new is better. In fact, we’re not fans of most modern gloves. They tend to be too fussy with their synthetic palms and thick gel padding. We missed the simple Lycra and leather gloves of the 1980s, so we made our own. We love the fit and styling and think you will, too.

"I've spent countless wasted hours looking for gloves with minimal padding and leather palms like the Italian gloves I used when I started racing road bikes. It was a fruitless search. All the Italians have moved on to high-tech synthetics, gel pads and fancy fabrics. I wanted something more basic, so I started making my own." - Michael Gamstetter, Gammi Sport Founder

More Than Just Gloves

Just as we prefer the simpler design the original Lycra-backed gloves of the 1980s, we prefer the simple design of the original Lycra shorts, first offered by Assos in 1979. 

Ours feature a 6-panel design and are made entirely with black Lycra, so our side panels won’t turn grey when stretched. While we do offer solid black bibs, we love to customize them with your choice of logos from the past or present. 

We also offer a wide range of vintage cycling themed graphics on high-quality, ring-spun, cotton T-shirts. 

And our lestest venture—a line of retro tubular tires designed to look spectacular on vintage road bikes form the 1960s through the 1990s.