Our hope for Gammi is to offer cyclists, particularly those into vintage road riding, a small line of cycling gear, inspired by what we wore starting in the mid-1980s. Among the products missing from the market are the two items Gammi will start with—basic black bib shorts and Lycra-backed/leather palmed gloves.

Our bib shorts are made in Los Angeles to our specifications—we use a medium-density, Italian-made pad and the cut them a bit on the short side. Not as short as they were in 1980, but close. All our bibs are made-to-order and include custom side-panel graphics or your choice, but limited to a single color.

Our gloves replicate those that came from all the great Italian glove makers in the 1980s and into the 1990s, before everyone went high-tech with gel padding and synthetic leathers. And before the amount padding got out of hand. Our gloves have sublimated Lycra backs, white leather palms and a single row of light padding across the center of the palm. 

We’re very, very new and still have a lot to put into place. 

For now, bib shorts are all available only on a made-to-order basis. That means we don’t keep any inventory and custom make them for you after you’ve placed an order. We have a lot of 1980s, pro team graphic options available. 

We offer a constantly changing catalog of pro team glove designs. Some are replicas of what the team wore back in the day. Some are designs we made up based on team jerseys. Designs will come and go based on demand. That means less-popular design maybe be a one-time-only deal.

We also offer a variety of our own designs inspired by those of the 1980s, sometimes with a contemporary spin. We can do custom gloves. The minimum order quantity is 20 pair. For more information about our custom gloves and bibs, shoot us an email