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Bib Shorts

If you’re like me, you want the details of your kit as dialed in as those of your bike. And if your bike was made between 1979 and 1985 you need Lycra bib shorts to go with your Ti-Raleigh, Renault-Elf, Wickes-Splendor, Boule d’Or-Studio Casa, Vermeer-Thijs, etc. jersey.

I’ve been searching for the perfect retro, black, bib short since I learned that vintage Lycra shorts are too fragile to ever be worn. The elastic in them has a life of no more than 15 years. Like well-aged human skin, old Lycra shorts tend lose their elasticity, wrinkle and hang loosely from the body.

But most of the bibs made today—as they should be—are designed for the needs of today’s racers. They use contemporary manufacturing techniques, modern cuts and the latest fabric technology. They are awesome products, but not what I want to pair with vintage jerseys while riding my vintage bikes. They look awful with a classic wool or acrylic-blend jersey.

What I wanted was a 4 or 6-panel bib short with side panels no wider than five inches (un-stretched) straight down each leg; a shorter inseam, basic leg grippers and made entirely from black Lycra—no sublimation. They would be even better if they lacked the bib maker’s logos.

Unfortunately, my dream bib shorts didn’t exist. If I wanted some, I’d have to source my own.

My Model 1979 bibs have 6-panel construction; 4.5-inch (144 mm) side panels; rubber-band leg grippers and no logos. The 200-gram Lycra even has a semi-gloss finish. The Italian-made pad I chose is not-too-thick and not-too-thin.




As all bib shorts are custom made to order, so I have no minimums.

Model 1979 bibs

    • 6-panel construction
    • 4.5-inch (144 mm) side panels
    • Rubber-band leg grippers
    • No logos.
    • 200-gram, semi-gloss finish Lycra
    • Italian-made pad
    • Made in California

The prices below are for singles. Contact me to discuss the possibility of volume discounts.

    • Plain Black Bibshort: $65
    • Plain Black Bibshort with single-color, heat-transfer, stretch vinyl graphics: $95
    • Plain Black Bibshort with custom single-color, heat-transfer, stretch vinyl graphics: $95 + possible design fees based on your needs

Shipping varies worldwide, but for one pair (maybe one or two more) in the U.S., expect to pay about $8. In Europe, the price will be around $15. In Asia and Downunder, about $18.


Gammi Sport Bib Shorts Sizing Chart

For information or to place an order, visit