SB-Model 1979 Bib Shorts: CUSTOM

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Gammi Model 1979 bibs have 6-panel construction; 4.5-inch (144 mm) side panels; rubber-band leg grippers and no logos. The 200-gram Lycra even has a semi-gloss finish. The Italian-made pad I chose is not-too-thick and no-too-thin.


If you’re like me, you want the details of your kit as dialed in as those of your bike. And if your bike was made between 1979 and 1985 you need Lycra bib shorts to go with your Ti-Raleigh, Renault-Elf, Wickes-Splendor, Boule d’Or-Studio Casa, Vermeer-Thijs, etc. jersey.

These are the same as our Model 1979 Bib Shorts, but we'll customize them for you with just about any logo, as long as it's in one color and fits in a 4" x 10.5" space.

* Here's the deal: After initial success with using "stretch" heat-transfer vinyls, the last few batches of vinyls we've used have not held up as we (and you) would like. It's been a huge disappointment. We recently started using flocked vinyls again. Many (most?) shorts back in the day had flocked graphics. But it tended to crack due to its lack of stretch. (See photo of the vintage Castelli Hitachi-Marc-Rossin bibs.) Flocked logos were later replaced by silk screened graphics or stretchier heat transfers. I can only assume, due to the cracking. Two of my favorite shorts are flocked. One cracked right away and now looks very much like a vintage pair. (See photo of the Hitachi-Marc-Splendor bibs.) The other shorts, (See photo of the Hitachi-Marc-Rossin bibs.) probably because I put them on carefully, have yet to crack. Until further notice, we are no longer making these bibs using the stretch vinyl, but, instead, flocked. Please note, the flocked graphics WILL CRACK when over stretched. If this is okay with you, hit buy. If not, may we suggest you go for sublimated side panels. 

You can buy and pay for your bibs now, but before we can make and ship them to you, you will need to contact us (or wait till we contact you) and tell us what you want. It might seem little clumsy, but we'll make it work. If, for some reason, we cannot make it work, we'll happily refund your payment.

Although we will do our best to get your your bibs as soon as possible, custom orders can take up to 4 weeks to complete. Shipping time is not included.