NP-Limited Edition Black Flo Panel Number Plate

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They're Back!

Back in stock for a limited time—black, Flo Panel-style, number plates. (Also, black Series One plates.)

This is probably be the LAST TIME I will make these. The material is extremely hard to get and epxensive. Get yours NOW. DON'T WAIT.

To order:

These replica Flo Panel Plates are about as good as you'll find anywhere. I've been making these (and other styles) by hand from start to finish for more than 10 years and I have hundreds of happy customers.

Each is hand made by me in basically the same way and using the same basic materials as they were back in the 1980s when Bob Haro first introduced the Pro, Series One and Type Two plates before the switch to injection molded plates.

Note, these Flo Panel plates are similar, but not identical to the originals; for one I use the same plastic for these as I do for the other plates, but in black. The originals were injection molded.

Black Series Flo Panels feature all the cutouts of the originals, but do not have rivets and I elected to not use eyelets, since the Color Plates didn't have them originally and they're really unnecessary.

The material is glossy black. The surface mars easily, but can be buffed out if you like. These plates are hand made and will have some scuffing and minor flaws.

Please refer to the photo of the Fit Guide above for fit recommendations. The Flo Panel Plates have the same dimensions as the Type 2s. The recommendations, by no means, cover all handlebars. These plates fit most traditional, two-piece BMX handlebars with 5.5"-9" rise and 23-25" width. They may also fit other sizes. They will not fit CW bars or four-piece welded bars. They also will not fit the wide, low-profile crosier bars used in the late-1970s and into 1980/81 or similar modern bars like those used on some SE Bikes. For those cruiser bars, we recommend the cropped Series One plates, which are what the pros used back in the day.