TT-Pair of Gammi Sport Ronde 25 & Corsa 25 Tubular Tires

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A matching pair of tubular tires.

700 x 25, 220 TPI poly casing, butyl tube, 32mm valve stem, tubular tires.


This is for a pair of tires at a discounted price.

Every product line we create for Gammi Sports starts with a personal need. Unable to find wearable vintage team gloves, we made our own. Unable to find simple, 6-panel, bib shorts with team logos from the past, we made those, too.

Now, we’re offering a line of tubular tires because we find the oversize logos on modern tires offensive when shod on vintage bikes. Yes, offensive. And, no, we’re not being overly dramatic.

Gammi Sport tubulars are designed to look great on vintage road bikes.

The Gammi tubular tire esthetic and specs include:

  • A single small hot-patch (logo), positioned at 8 o’clock like many were back in the day. Three retro hot-patch designs representing eras from the 1960s to the early-1990s are available.

  • Narrow, logo-free base tape. Many modern tubulars have wide, logoed base tape designed to fit wider modern rims. When mounted to vintage rims the tape and logos are visible between rim and tire sidewall. Like the tubulars of the past, our base tape seats at or just above the rim. Nothing to see here.

  • 32mm-valve stems. When using vintage box-section rims, there is no need for the 40mm and 60mm valve stems necessary for modern, deep-section rims. Removable valve stems are standard, of course.

  • A mixed tread pattern similar to those used back in the day.

  • 700c x 25 to fit a broad range of bikes while providing comfort and reliability. 25 is the same size as the “specially strong patented tyres” used by legends Francesco Moser, Eddy Merckx and Roger De Vlaeminck for the pavé of Paris Roubaix.

  • 220-TPI poly casing.

  • Butyl tubes. We chose butyl tubes for three reasons—better air retention, reliability and lower cost.

Have more questions? Check our FAQ page.

Disclaimer: Tubular tires MUST be thoroughly and correctly glued to the rim. Mounting and glue MUST be done by a qualified professional mechanic. Failure to properly glue and install the tires could result in a loss of control of the bicycle, which may result in a crash, which may result in serious injury or death.